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Cake Sizes

PupCakes (Whole cakes)

Our whole cakes come in a few sizes – Smol & Biggie.

  • Smol Cakes: 4 inches, small cakes, approx. 350g, suitable for small and medium dogs (1-4 servings)
  • Biggie Cakes: 6 inches large cakes, approx 500g suitable for medium and large dogs (4-6 servings)

DogNuts & PupCakes (4 in a box)

  • 1-2 serving per DogNut/PupCake for small dogs. Else, medium and large dogs can finish it quite easily!

*It is highly advisable to portion out the cakes to prevent your dogs from overeating or eating too fast.

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We do not stock ready cakes daily in-store. All orders made are final and non-refundable. Custom orders, pls contact us before placing your orders.