Storing Your Cake

Thank you for choosing for your doggie bakes! Our bakes can last for a month if stored correctly! Here’s how:

  1. Take all the photos you want!
  2. Portion out the cake (Recommended servings)
  3. Cling wrap the cake and fridge for up to 3 days OR freeze up to 1 month
  4. Thaw before feeding (or microwave it to excite your pups more!)

Special notes:

  • Frosting may not hold well in extreme heat or cold temperatures, so make sure you take all the photos you want before cutting up the cake!
  • Cling wrapping will prevent the frosting from drying out or cracking from being in the fridge too long

We hope your doggies enjoy the special treat and paw-ty! Remember to tag us at to get featured on our social media!

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