Human Food Bundle
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Human Food Bundle


Want to pick up everything at once and go? Pick up your Dog & Human food all in one pit-stop! IMPORTANT: Only available Fri, Sat, Sun!

Pies: Approx. 230g per piece
Smoked turkey ham, spinach and cheese in creamy egg custard or Singaporean-style chili crab in a buttery flaky pastry! 

Pizzas: Approx. 20cm in diameter 
Comes in Spicy pepperoni and mozzarella tossed atop a thin and crispy crust or Classic Hawaiian Pizza made with sweet pineapples and soft chicken ham.

Wraps: Approx 150g per piece

Comes in Chicken or Beef. Flavour of meat to be confirmed after order has been made.

Brownies: 4 Pieces
This one is for those who are looking to indulge in a moist brownie with crunchy roasted macadamia nuts. A little less sweet than our other brownie offering, this one is for mature chocolate lovers who enjoy savoring the finer details of the intricate cocoa bean.

Mango Cheesecake: 4 Pieces
In this tropical invention, Alphonso mangos are generously swirled in our cheesecake mix and then baked.


NOTE: $5 Admin fee applies to all order changes made after 48 hrs from orders placed.

Pickup: Choose from 2 locations, 1-hr timeslots

  • Joo Chiat Flagship: 152 Joo Chiat Road
  • Tiong Bahru BARK-rista: 68 Seng Poh Lane 01-10A

Kindly arrive at your selected timeslot punctually to avoid any complications or delays on your order pickup.

Delivery: Choose from 2 options, excludes Sentosa

  • Standard Delivery 10 am – 6 pm 
  • Priority Delivery 10 am – 2 pm

NO EXACT TIMING WILL BE PROVIDED. You will receive an SMS notification when orders are dispatched.

*We seek your understanding that we are unable to provide exact arrival timings on your orders as our deliveries are scheduled by third-party vendors. Sentosa deliveries can be opted for at $7 on top of existing fees.  We aim to deliver your baked goods within your chosen timeslots but delays may occur from time to time due to high order volume or traffic congestion.*

We only procure the finest ingredients for our doggie bakes, and we are not afraid to disclose them!

Our bakes are made from all-natural, human-grade ingredients, that are free of preservatives and gluten.

  • Cake Bases:
    • Chicken Base: Minced Chicken, Organic Oats, Fresh Pumpkin, Organic Chia Seeds
    • Pork Base: Minced Pork, Organic Oats, Fresh Pumpkin, Organic Chia Seeds
    • Beef Base: Aussie Grass-fed Beef, Organic Oats, Fresh Pumpkin, Organic Chia Seeds.
    • Salmon Base: Atlantic Salmon, Organic Oats, Fresh Pumpkin, Organic Chia Seeds
    • Kangaroo Base: Minced Kangaroo, Organic Oats, Fresh Pumpkin, Organic Chia Seeds
    • Vegan: Organic Buckwheat, Organic Oats, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Coconut Oil, Fruit/Vegetable Puree, Peanut Butter.
  • Frosting:
    • Cake Frosting: Potato, Coconut cream OR Yogurt (without sugar) and Natural Plant colouring
    • Dognut Frosting: Coconut cream OR Yogurt (without sugar), Starch, and Natural Plant colouring
  • Cookies:
    • PB & Organic Oats: Organic Oats, 100% Pure Peanut Butter, Fresh Pumpkin.
      • Homemade meat broth is added for some selections
    • Coconut cookies with edible flowers: Organic Coconut (Flour, Milk, Oil), Premium Glutinous Rice, Edible Flowers
  • We do not cross-process meat bases and our cakes are made in a hygienic environment but we cannot guarantee that our kitchen is free of common allergens such as eggs, dairy, and nuts.

Please contact or reach us at +65 8800 0650 if you have further questions. 


Min. lead time 3 – 5 days, order up to 60 days ahead. We bake fresh daily according to orders, and frost within 24 hrs from order day! You can refrigerate your cakes for up to 3 days, or freeze for up to 1 month.

  • Best ordered in advance for your desired celebration day
  • Barkday cakes will include a small “Happy Birthday” sign and 1 candle
  • Our cakes do not contain any preservatives but can be stored overnight for next-day celebrations
  • Cut-out cookies will be used to display the pet name unless it cannot fit the cake face (then a bone name cookie will be used)
  • Colours and designs may differ due to the handmade nature of the goods
  • Please refer to ingredients used and DO NOT leave custom order instructions in shipping notes
  • Kindly clarify all doubts before proceeding to make an order, as a $5 admin fee will be charged on changes requested 48 hours after placing your order.
  • We reserve the right to make cancellations and refunds on your orders if we are unable to fulfill custom requests or if the product is out of stock.
  • Products may differ from photos presented on our marketing channels due to the handmade nature of the goods.
  • All orders placed are final and non-refundable.

Got a question? Please get in touch with us at +6588000650 or

Whole Cakes 

Our whole cakes come in a few sizes – 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, double-tiered (4-inch + 6-inch stacked)

  • 4-inch Cakes: Approx. 400g, suitable for small dogs (up to 4 servings) and medium dogs (up to 2 servings)
  • 5-inch Cakes: Approx. 500g, suitable for small dogs (up to 6 servings), medium dogs (up to 4 servings) and large dogs (up to 2 servings)
  • 6-inch Cakes: Approx. 650g, suitable for small dogs (up to 8 servings), medium dogs (up to 6 servings) and large dogs (up to 4 servings)
  • Double-tiered Cakes: Approx. 1kg, suitable for a party of small, medium and large dogs (8 – 10 servings)

DogNuts & PupCakes

  • 1-2 servings per DogNut/PupCake for small dogs. Else, medium and large dogs can finish it quite easily!

*It is highly advisable to do a trial feed before serving regular portions to your dog. Always portion out the cakes to prevent your dogs from overeating or eating too fast.